Business and traditional knowledge: alternatives to biopiracy

Publié le par Pierre W. Johnson

Two weeks ago, I was lucky to present my current research on business alternatives to biopiracy at the conference of the European Society of Ecological Economics in Istanbul in a speciall session on Business and Sustainability. The audience was quite knowledgeable on the legal aspects (the Convention on Biological Diversity), but interested by the cases and analysis presented.

This is part of a research I am doing on the relationship between carriers of traditional knowledge and private businesses.

While it is clear that the conceptions of knowledge carried by local or indigenous communities contrast heavily with the framework of intellectual property rights, as defined by the TRIPS agreement of the World Trade Organisation, and the patents model, innovation can emerge from the confrontation of those contrasting visions, as some of the example hereafter show.


I am currently writing a book on this same subject. I have an editor for the French version, to be published at the end of 2011. If you know or are an editor that may be interested for translating and publishing it in United Kingdom, United States of America or Canada, please contact me so that I will provide you more information.

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